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Pathways Learning Experience

What is a learning path?

Each member will take an assessment which will help determine which path will best help you reach your goals. For instance, a Project Manager might be directed toward Persuasive Influence or Team Collaboration. Each path contains 14 projects across 5 levels. Each level has 2-3 projects, and in levels 3-5 there are electives to choose from so you can customize the more advanced topics. The progress will allow for much more recognition and will build on previous learning and increasing in complexity intended in developing competency.

Do I have to follow the path I’m recommended to follow?

No, your path is your path. This is your journey. The recommendation is there to help you get the most out of the program, but it’s  still your program. TI anticipates that more members will finish their projects if they are meaningful to them.

What are the available paths?

  1. Motivational Strategies
  2. Presentation Mastery
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Innovative Planning
  5. Visionary Communication
  6. Strategic Relationships
  7. Dynamic Leadership
  8. Persuasive Influence
  9. Team Collaboration
  10. Effective Coaching
  11. Engaging Humor

Who should I contact if I want to help or I need more information?

Contact Vickie Goodman, DTM

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program

Give Today’s Youth the Gift of Toastmasters!

Now more than ever, teenagers can benefit by developing their communication skills.

  • The Youth Leadership Program is a workshop consisting of eight one-to two- hour sessions that enable young people under the age of 18 to develop their     communication and leadership skills through practical experience. The program is presented during or after school, or on weekends.  In the workshop, young people learn valuable skills including:
  • Evaluating their own speaking ability
  • Preparing and giving speeches
  • Giving impromptu talks
  • Controlling their voice, vocabulary and gestures
  • Giving constructive feedback and more
  • They may also make new friends and have fun, verifying that Toastmasters is an enjoyable learning experience.

How the Program Works

Participants in the Youth Leadership Program are selected by a sponsoring Toastmasters Club or by a cooperating organization (such as a school). The workshops are structured for small group learning and are limited to 25 students. They are presented by a coordinator who attends each meeting. Meetings generally follow a format similar to that of a Toastmasters Club Meeting with an announced agenda that includes practice in parliamentary procedure, prepared,and impromptu speeches and the selection of presiding officers.

Requirements for starting a Youth Leadership Program:

  • The Youth Leadership Program Coordinator must be a Toastmaster in Good Standing
  • The Coordinator must be a Toastmaster who has completed at least 6 speeches
  • There must be a sponsoring Toastmasters Club which is also responsible for providing the educational materials (Coordinators Guide and Participant’s Program Guides)


  • You make a difference in the life of a child, giving him/her the best lifetime gift ever!
  • There could be potential Growth in Your Toastmasters Club (parents joining Toastmasters)
  • As the Youth Leadership Coordinator, you can apply for credit towards fulfilling one of the requirements on the DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) application.

For more information about conducting your own Youth Leadership Program contact Ellen Weiss, DTM, D84 Youth Leadership Chair

Gavel Clubs

An Affiliate of Toastmasters International The Gavel Club program is open to any group of individuals who cannot otherwise qualify to become a Toastmasters club due to age, inability to pay full Toastmasters dues, or circumstances, which would prohibit full participation in Toastmaster activities. This criteria includes schools, prisons, etc.

Purpose of the Gavel Club Program

  • to help its members improve their abilities to communicate effectively
  • to encourage its members to read and to listen analytically
  • to provide for its members' instructions, educational materials and the opportunities which will give them skill and experience in the preparation and delivery of speeches
  • to provide its members' a fair and constructive evaluation of their efforts toward self-improvement
  • to afford leadership training for its members; and
  • to provide opportunities and encouragement for its members to appear before audiences and to express their thoughts creditably

The Participants

This Club may classify its members as Active, Associate, Honorary and Inactive members, if it deems such classification advisable.

The Sponsors

The admission of this Club to affiliation with Toastmasters International, and the continued affiliation and operation of this Club as a Gavel Club, is subject at all times to the approval of the institution sponsoring this Club. Such institution shall designate an individual to serve as Counselor to this Club; that person shall exercise the rights and powers of a Counselor set forth in this Constitution and shall act as the agent and representative of the sponsoring institution in all matters regarding this Club and Toastmasters International.

How it Works

To apply for certification, you must send in a Request for Certification, an Officers' List , and one copy of adopted Constitution and Bylaws accompanied by the certification fee and pro-rated annual fee indicated. Upon issuance of a Certificate of Affiliation to this Club, and so long as this Club remains in good standing with Toastmasters International, this Club is entitled to all the rights and powers, and is subject to all the duties and requirements, of Gavel Clubs as may be stated from time to time in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Toastmasters International, in this Constitution, and in policies, procedures, manuals, and other materials issued by Toastmasters International.

Regular meetings of this Club shall be held as provided by the Bylaws of this Club. Participants, working from a handbook, select officers who preside over the meetings. The remaining class members are assigned other duties on a rotating basis, so everyone is actively involved.

Generally, meetings follow a format similar to that of a Toastmasters club meeting. There is an announced agenda and participants learn and practice parliamentary procedure during each meeting. Lecturing is minimal, but discussion is held during each session. Participants also deliver short impromptu and prepared speeches. In every meeting, participants learn to apply the principles of listening, thinking and speaking.

How to Start a Program

Any group desiring admission as a Gavel Club shall apply to Toastmasters International on forms provided by World Headquarters. Subject to standards and procedures stated in the policies of Toastmasters International, the Executive Director of Toastmasters International has sole discretion to issue a Certificate of Affiliation to a Gavel Club. Each Gavel Club pays a one-time certification fee of $50 (U.S.). Annual dues of $48 (U.S.) are billed each November. Club applying for certification in mid-year will pay pro-rated annual fees.