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District Executive Committee (DEC) 2020-21

District 84 salutes our District Leaders as they give of their time to serve the clubs and members of the District. Their rewards for serving the District are the leadership skills they are able to hone, the education and knowledge they receive, and the great pleasure and satisfaction of serving the membership.
Pim Parpart - District Director
District Director
Pim Parpart, DTM
Debi Lodono - Program Quality Director
Program Quality Director
Debi Jo Londono, DTM
Paula Summa - Club Growth Director
Club Growth Director
Paula Summa, DTM
Beth Ramsay - Immed. Past District Director
Im. Past District Dir.
Beth Ramsay, DTM IPDD
Fred Bergeron - Public Relations Mgr.
Public Relations Mgr.
Fred Bergeron, DTM
Marjane Taylor - Administration Manager
Administrative Mgr.
Marjane Taylor, DTM
Koki Kubo - Finance Manager
Finance Manager
Koki Kubo, DTM
Francisco Campos - Logistics Mgr.
Logistics Manager
Francisco Campos, DTM
Thomas Blake - Audit
Audit Chair
Thomas Blake, DTM
Dennis Wooldridge - Proxy & Credentials
Proxy & Credentials
Dennis Wooldridge, DTM PID
Brenda Allcoco - Parliamentarian
Brenda Alloco, DTM PDD
Nancy Wilkins - Social Media
Social Media
Nancy Wilkins, LD4
Lynn Ramsey - Audio/Video
Audio / Visual
Lynn Ramsey, DTM
Beth Ramsay - DLC Chair
DLC Chair
Beth Ramsay, DTM IPDD
Deb Wilde - Renewals / Retention
Renewals / Retention
Deb Wilde, DTM
Marie Loeffler - Club Extention Chair
Club Extention Chair
Marie Loeffler, DTM
Judy Hayes
Club Sponsors / Mentors
Judy Hayes, DTM
Andy Seepaul - Newsletter
Newsletter Editor
Andy Seepaul, DTM
Jim Miller - Webmaster
Jim Miller, DTM PDG
Mary Carol Holbert
Realignment Co-Chair
Mary Carol Holbert, DTM PDG
Dee Melvin
Realignment Co-Chair
Dee Melvin, DTM PDG
Cynthia Johnson
Ambassador Chair
Cynthia Johnson, DTM
Ellen Weiss
Youth Leadership
Ellen Weiss, DTM
John Morrow, DTM
Membership Chair
John Morrow, DTM
Mary Arnold
Club Coach Chair
Mary Arnold, DTM
Amy Hunt
Club Assist Chair
Amy Hunt, DTM
Troy Palmer
Contest Chair
Troy Palmer, DTM
Sandy DePrimo
Educ / Conference Chair
Sandy DePrimo, DTM
Vickie Goodman
Pathways Chair
Vickie Goodman, DTM
Sabrinal Mallay
Club Quality Chair
Sabrina Mallay, DTM
Mark Gai
Speakers Bureau Chair
Mark Gai, ACS
Cathy & Richard Hoar
TM/Rotary Alliance Co-Chair Cathy & Richard Hoar, DTM

Division and Area Directors

Sunil Ancha
Division A Director
Sunil Kumar Ancha, DTM
Amanda Howard
Area 10 Director
Amanda Howard, DL5
Castella Owens
Area 11 Director
Castella Owens, ACG ALB
Ronald Harris
Area 12 Director
Ronald Harris, EC2
Rudolfo Rivera
Area 13 Director
Rodolfo Rivera, EC2
Area 14 Director
Murice Lee, ACB ALB
Tina Smith
Division B Director
Tina Smith, DTM
Clinton Valverte
Area 20 Director
Clinton Valverte, PM1
Justin Grand
Area 21 Director
Justine Grand, TC3
Ruby Scotland
Area 22 Director
Ruby Scotland, DTM
Donna Smith
Area 23 Director
Donna Smith. IP4
Area 24 Director
Rachael Lynn Assignon, SR1
Claudia Atkins-Martin
Division C Director
Claudia Atkins - Martin, DTM
Phuong-Lily Tang
Area 30 Director
Phuong-Lily Tang, EC5
Chip Russell
Area 31 Director
Chip Russell, PM4
Tracey Searcy
Area 32 Director
Tracey Searcy, DTM
Kara Newcomb
Area 33 Director
Kara Newcomb, DTM
Bang-Orn Templemann
Area 34 Director
Orn Templeman, ACS CL
Bob Fischer
Division D Director
Bob Fischer, DTM PDD
Jessica Rivera
Area 40 Director
Jessica Rivera, ACS ALB
Nancy Ford
Area 41 Director
Nancy Ford, DTM
Eric Boehm
Area 42 Director
Eric Boehm, IP1
Ken Blake
Area 43 Director
Ken Blake DTM
Mike Dawson, Jr.
Area 44 Director
Mike Dawson, VC5
Edith Tiencken
Division E Director
Edith Tiencken, SR5
Donald Kahrer
Area 50 Director
Donald Kahrer, DTM
Hector Rocafort
Area 51 Director
Hector Rocafort, CC CL
Area 52 Director
Cathy Gorgensen, VC5
Annie Kellermann
Area 53 Director
Annie Kellermann, TC4
Theresa Fellinger
Area 54 Director
Theresa Fellinger, DTM
John Lasch
Division F Director
John Lasch, VC2
Felicia Shorter
Area 60 Director
Felicia Shorter, AC5
Area 61 Director
Amanda Dodd. DL3
Kimberly Young
Area 62 Director
Kimberly Young, CC
Christina Gonzalez
Area 63 Director
Christina Gonzalez. DTM
Cynthia Johnson
Area 64 Director
Cynthia Johnson, DTM
Pat Hoyt
Area 65 Director
Pat Hoyt, ACS ALB
Nancy Wilkins
Division G Director
Nancy Wilkins, LD4
Nancy Wilkins
Area 70 Director
Chuck Field, DTM
Valerie Stalvey
Area 71 Director
Valerie L. Stalvey, IP2
Norma Cress
Area 72 Director
Norma Cress, DTM
Bbby Blackmon
Division H Director
WC {Bobby} Blackmon, DTM
Area 80 Director
Quinn Bryant, PM4
Sue Leitholf
Area 81 Director
Sue Leitholf, PM2
Derek Bell
Area 82 Director
Derek Bell
ABM Uddin
Area 83 Director
Janelle Brown, PI5
Earl Pearson
Area 84 Director
Earl Pearson, IP3
Gail Hill Smith
Division I Director
Gail Hill Smith, DTM
Debby Kerr-Henry
Area 90 Director
Debby Kerr-Henry, IP4
Collon Fox
Area 91 Director
Collon Fox, MS5
James Robinson
Area 92 Director
James Robinson, DTM
Stephany Bonnie Byrne
Area 93 Director
Stephany Byrne, DTM

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