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Tools for the Success of Your Club

Here in the Club Assist you'll find everything you need to make and keep your club the vibrant, established, and distinguished club it should be. Programs and incentives for your club, forms and documents critical to your success, we even have a speech timer to help you practice your speech and bring it in on time. Club Ambassador Program, Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI), awards and incentives for clubs and members, and information regarding setting up and maintaining your club's website are all just a click away with the buttons above or a short scroll down.

The Club Leader Handbook (Club Officer Manual) is available online. You'll find everything you need to know about how to make your club effective, fun, and successful. Make sure your club is a Distinguished Club. An effective leader is a knowledgeable leader. This outstanding handbook is available to all members free of charge.

Toastmasters International logo

The Toastmasters Brand brings with it more stringent guidelines for use of the Toastmasters logo, headers, and color scheme. Be sure to consult the Toastmasters Brand Manual to make sure your website and literature are in line with Toastmasters requirements. Find logos and stationery at the Brand Portal.

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Club Officers' Checklist

  • Win the Smedley Award  August 1 – September 30 Challenge:
  • Win the Talk Up Toastmasters Award February 1 – March 31 Challenge:
  • Win the Beat the Clock Award May 1 – June 30 Challenge:
    Clubs add 5 new, dual, or reinstated members. See what your club will win. Be sure to check Incentives for all the membership contests.
  • Club Officers Training at Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI). Save the Date!
  • Club Officers, Log in to and Check Club Central to make sure Toastmasters International has your current officer list, and club information including your contact information, current address, and web site.

Tips and Guides for your Club

    Toastmasters Magazine Issues Online!

    Be sure your Address is Current! Update your Address on the TI Website

    Club Success Plan

    Parliamentary Motions

    Voting in Members - Obligations of Membership & Termination of Membership

Flag Display

Flag set to speaker's right.

When displayed from a staff in a room or public auditorium on or off a podium, the flag of the United States of America should hold the position of superior prominence, in advance of the audience, and in the position of honor at the speaker's right as she faces the audience. Any other flag so displayed should be placed on the left of the speaker (to the right of the audience).

Club Websites

Jim Miller, DTM PDG

Jim Miller, DTM PDG District Webmaster

New members are vital to a club's success, and a good club website is an essential tool for both bringing in new members and providing tools to enhance the club experience to help retain your members. Make sure your website address is available on your club information page; find your club on the Divisions, Areas, & Clubs page and click your clubs name, or go to the Club Finder and type in your club number. You will then find all the information on your club and can check it's accuracy and make sure the club's URL is there.  If it is not, have your President or VPPR log in to, and update the club's information in "Club Central". If you don't have a club website, Toastmasters makes providing a website for your club easy and free.

We heartily recommend using Toastmasters own service for the creation of your website. Not only is it easy, it also complies with the new branding, color schemes, and font selection essential for all Toastmasters club websites. An outstanding step-by-step guide is available for assistance in setting up your site. Additionally, Toastmasters International and your District leaders are happy to provide assistance if needed.

If you prefer an alternative to, we also have templates set up with Google and Wordpress complete with set-up guides and mastheads. You may even opt for building a site from scratch, however you are encouraged to use the available mastheads, graphics, colors, and fonts that are provided by Toastmasters in order to comply with branding requirements. If your current website does not comply with the branding requirements, we encourage you to begin transitioning your site right away.  For logos, graphics, mastheads, and all your promotion needs, be sure to visit the Toastmasters Brand Portal.

Toastmasters Brand Manual

Once your site is set up, please make sure that the correct website address (URL) is included on your club information page on the Toastmasters website. You can do by logging into the club business section of the Toastmasters website, or by emailing the information to

Good luck with your website. We hope that it brings many new members to your club, and that it is used as the valuable tool it should be.

Incentive Programs


Smedley Award

  • Dates: August 1- September 30
  • Club adds 5 new, dual, or reinstated members
  • Receive “Smedley Award” Ribbon to display on banner plus 10% off next club order from Toastmasters International
  • PLUS receive $25 TI gift certificate from District 84

Talk Up Toastmasters

  • DATES: February 1 – March 31
  • Club adds 5 new, dual, or reinstated members
  • Receive “Talk Up Toastmasters” Ribbon to display on banner 10% off next club order from Toastmaster International
  • Plus receive $25 TI gift certificate from District 84

Beat the Clock

  • DATES: May 1 – June 30
  • Club adds 5 new, dual, or reinstated members
  • Receive “Beat the Clock” Ribbon to display on banner 10% off next club order from Toastmaster International
  • Plus receive $25 TI gift certificate from District 84

Banner Incentive

  • Any club chartered during the year will receive a Free Banner!

Food Rules Incentive

Any club holding an Open House may receive a $30 reimbursement for Food.

*See Food Rules Incentive Flyer for requirements and additional details.

Dues Renewals

The Notable 9

  • Any Club that pays for 9 members September 9 or March 9 gets "The Notable 9” Ribbon to display on their banner.

The Incredible 20

  • Any club that pays dues for 20 members by September 20 or March 20 gets “The Incredible 20” Ribbon to display on banner PLUS, a $25 TI gift certificate PLUS, a $25 TI gift certificate from District 84.

**Note: Receipt from TI showing dues paid is required for these awards.
Deadline for requesting Dues Renewal award is October 31st and April 31st. Email your receipt to

Education & Officer Training

Triple Crown Award

  • Member earns 3 educational awards from July 1 - April 15th
  • Receives District 84 Triple Crown pin at the Conference Awards Ceremony

District 84 Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth in 20 Minutes guide

MOT Handout

MOT Club Report

Seven of Seven Training Incentives

  • Seven of seven club officers trained (1st round) - $10 Toastmasters gift certificate from the District (All seven club officers must be trained at the TLIs or primary Division Make-up Training).
  • Seven of seven club officers trained (2nd round) - $10 Toastmasters gift certificate from the District (All seven club officers must be trained at the TLIs, or primary Division Make-Up Training).

Note: Training beyond the division will not count for the incentive

District 84 Golden Gavel Award

District 84’s most prestigious award is the Golden Gavel

Clubs meeting the criteria for the Golden Gavel Award will be recognized at Spring District Conference May 2021.

To qualify for this prestigious award, each club must achieve the following:

  1. Must have 7 Club Officers trained both rounds of TLI
  2. Must have 2 club members trained on Contest 101 at TLI or at Division Officer Training
  3. Must have achieved Smedley Award or Talk Up Toastmasters Award in the current Toastmasters year
  4. Must have 2 Moments of Truth conducted at your club by April 15, 2021
  5. Must have at least 1 member with Triple Crown Award in the current Toastmasters year by April 15, 2015
  6. Must be a Perfect 10 President’s Distinguished Club by April 2021 Renewal
  7. Must have 2 Club Ambassadors in the current Toastmasters year by April 15, 2021

Once your club has completed all requirements, please submit prove of completion by April 15, 2021 to PQD Debi Jo Londono

Clubs that win the GOLDEN GAVEL AWARD will be recognized at the Spring Conference, May 2021.

JC Williams Spirit Award

JC Williams

Presented annually in honor of the life and spirit of Distinguished Toastmaster JC Williams. The winners of the award exemplify the spirit of service to others in Toastmasters and in their communities.

JC‘s life was dedicated to extraordinary service to others. He retired in 1974 after over 20 years of service to his country in the US Navy Submarine Service. He coached hundreds of children over a 25 year span in a variety of sports, not only serving as their coach but as their leader, teacher and mentor. Throughout the years JC fostered and mentored 26 young adults through good times and trying times. Each of these young people serves as a testament to JC’s lifetime commitment to making the world a better place.

JC loved Toastmasters and served his clubs (and there were many) by serving in every club officer position. He never missed an opportunity to lead, mentor and coach his fellow Toastmasters. He served the District as the District Sergeant at Arms in 2009–2010. He served as Area 23 Governor in 2010-2011. Even in his last weeks, JC chose to serve his fellow Toastmasters as the announcer for the banner parade at the Fall Conference in November 2012. JC’s legacy is strong, having touched so many lives. He had the gift of laughter, a smile filled with sunshine and a heart overflowing with love, friendship and kindness and he shared these gifts generously.

On January 26, 2013, the District 84 Executive Committee voted to establish this annual award in perpetuity.


  • Served as club officer
  • Served club as other than club officer
  • Served at District Level in some capacity (see District Officer List)
  • Community service
  • Narrative
  • Testimonial (optional)


  • All nominations are submitted to the Club President (members may self - nominate or anyone can place a name into nomination)
  • Clubs may submit one nominee to the Area Director
  • Area Directors may use the Area Council to screen nominations
  • Area Directors may submit one nomination to the Division Director
  • Division Director may submit two nominations to the District Administration Manager
  • District Administration Manager sends nomination packages to the selection committee
  • The selection committee: TRIO, District Public Relations Manager, District Administration Manager, District Finance Manager and Immediate Past District Director

JC Williams Spirit Award Nomination Form

Those who have received the award since its inception are as follows: Pim Parpart in 2013, Gina Lockhart in 2014, Susan Schulz in 2015, Vicky Iozzia in 2016, and Manal Fakhoury in 2017.

Club Ambassadors

Cynthia Johnson, DTM - Club Ambassador Chair

Expand your Toastmasters experience by participating in the District 84 Club Ambassador Program (CAP). We're encouraging you to take a step outside of your club and to visit at least three clubs you're not a member of. You have a lot to offer clubs when you visit and also have much to gain and bring back to your home clubs!

Get started by downloading a CLUB AMBASSADOR FORM (pdf), and email your completed forms to the Club Ambassador Chair.

Check out the Club Ambassador Photo Album

What will YOU gain?

  • New Ideas to bring back to your own club to keep the excitement strong
  • New Opportunities to participate as a speaker or other meeting functionary
  • New Friends!  Why wait for an Area or Division contest to meet new people?
  • New Experiences which will help you get the most out of Toastmasters!

What will YOU earn?

When you turn in your third  completed CAP form, you will receive the following:

  1. the Designation of being an Official District 84 Club Ambassador and Recognition at the District Conferences,
  2. a Club Ambassador pin for you to wear at your club meetings and future ambassador visits, and
  3. the opportunity to go for one of this year's Club Ambassador of the Year Awards (details below).

How to Complete a Club Ambassador Visit

Note: All Club Ambassadors will be recognized at the Spring District Conference in front of their peers unless prefer to receive their Ambassador pin ASAP. In that case the Club Ambassador needs to make a request when sending in the forms. The Area Director will receive the pin/certificate at DEC (they meet every other month) and deliver the pin/certificate to the club when he/she visits and/or at his/her convenience.


Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience
Vickie Goodman, DTM – Pathways Committee Chair
The Pathways Committee provides the needed support and training for successful member achievement in the Pathways Learning Experience. In addition to supports available through the following links, Pathways Support Specialists can schedule tutorials at club meetings or to individual members as needed.  Attend one or more drop-in Online Help Sessions held twice each month, or pick from the variety of YouTube training videos designed to provide essential navigation help in 20 minutes or less.  Check out the Path Descriptions and Paths-Project Catalog to help you decide which path to select, and new members can use the Quick Start Guide to jump in and get going right away.  We’re here to help make your Pathways journey easy and rewarding.
Contact Vickie Goodman

Club Coaches

Mary Arnold, DTM - Club Coach Chair

The Club Coach program helps struggling clubs become Distinguished clubs.

Club Coach Program Regulations

  • A club coach may only be assigned by the district director or the club growth director.
  • A club must have at least one but not more than 12 members when a coach is appointed,and the coach cannot be a member of that club until their appointment request has been processed.
  • Up to two coaches may be appointed to a club.
  • The appointment lasts to June 30 of the current program year if the club becomes Distinguished or better. If Distinguished club status is not reached in the initial program year, the assignment will be extended to June 30 of the following year

Club Coach Recognition

  • Each club coach receives a pin upon assignment.
  • After successfully completing the assignment,each club coach receives a certificate and credit toward the Distinguished Toastmasters award in Pathways.
  • A certificate will be sent to each club coach upon successful completion
  • Districts are asked to publicly acknowledge appointments and successes.
Club Coach FAQClub Coach Documents & Aids

Club Documents