The following list of candidates have submitted the appropriate documentation and have been approved for nomination for the Toastmasters year 2021-22, which commences on July 1, 2021. Approval for nomination was made and submitted by the District 84 Nominating Committee, chaired by Beth Ramsay, DTM, IPDD.

Candidate for District Director

Debi Jo Londono
Debi Jo Londono - Toastmasters has changed the trajectory of my life and rocked my world. In my experience, joining and participating in Toastmasters not only makes you a better speaker and leader, it also gives you the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself and impact the lives of others. My experience over the last 2 years on the Trio and the last 5 years as part of the District Executive Council has prepared me to lead the District to continued success in the coming year.

Candidate for Program Quality Director

Paula Summa
Paula Summa - As this year’s Club Growth Director, I have helped to lead the District in growing new clubs, increasing membership, and bringing more education to our members. As the Program Quality Director, I will continue to do all that I can do to assist this District and our members to reach success. My focus will be more concentrated education, expanding the knowledge and sharing the resources that are available to us. Training and educating our leaders, no matter what role they have in their Toastmasters journey, will benefit everyone. For me, Toastmasters is about the members, and helping them succeed.  

Candidates for Club Growth Director

Fred Bergeron
Fred Bergeron -Dedicated, focused, full of energy, and passionate about Toastmasters, I’m running for Club Growth Director to both prove and challenge my leadership skills, while upholding the district mission and having fun doing it!  Although part of my vision is to grow, retain and maintain clubs, and members, my overall vision is to implement new plans, such as improving our mentorship program by mentoring new members not just through their first three speeches, but to also mentor them in leadership roles, Pathways, and virtual meetings and events.  As a district leader who has successfully led teams to President’s Distinguished and been recognized as Area Director of the Year, my skillset, expertise, and experience, are just a taste of why you should vote for me, Fred Bergeron, to be your next Club Growth Director!


Vickie Goodman
Vickie Goodman - As Club Growth Director, I look forward to working with a diverse team dedicated to creating and accessing specific tools and resources that will enhance member success through the support and growth of strong and vibrant clubs. I plan to use the lessons I have learned in my 30 years as a Toastmaster to elevate and enrich member experience with a multi-faceted approach that promotes the excitement, enthusiasm and camaraderie needed to help our clubs demonstrate the value and relevance of Toastmasters to all who visit our clubs. I hope to share with every member, a spark that ignites their desire to take their own leadership experience to the next level and expand their own potential.     

Candidate for Division A Director

Amanda Howard
Amanda Howard - My goal in serving as a Division Director is to facilitate the growth and positive experiences of the clubs in my city. My primary focus will be in supporting the Area Directors in my Division, very closely followed by supporting other Division Directors in their similar goals.

Candidate for Division B Director

Ruby Scotland
Ruby Scotland - Toastmasters is one of the few organizations in which members truly want every member to succeed. As Division B Director, I want to help the area directors and club leaders create the mutually supportive educational environments that enable members to develop into self confident speakers and leaders. 

Candidates for Division C Director

Kara Newcomb
Kara Newcomb - For over20 years Toastmasters has helped me grow both personally and professionally.   As Division C Director I will use the knowledge I have gained to work with Toastmasters to not only reach their goals, but also strive even further than their original expectations.  


Orn Templeman
Orn Templeman - I wish to serve as Division 2021-2022 and my qualifications include capability, responsibility, and 100% commitment effort to the challenge. I would commit to increasing membership and retention in existing clubs and explode adding new clubs as well as expanding recognition for distinguished accomplishments by members. I will commit to provide support and resources to and through Area Director to achieve the District’s mission, also I will never give up and always follow the quote from Bill Murray, “Whatever you do, always give 100%,unless you are donating blood.”

Candidate for Division D Director

Sandesh Telang
Sandesh Telang - I believe our strength is with our members and as Division D director, I will be addressing the key areas of low club membership, holding hybrid meetings and mentoring programs.

Candidate for Division E Director

Donald Kahrer
Donald Kahrer - Toastmasters has afforded myself, and my fellow Toastmasters, the opportunity to enhance our communication and leadership skills. Since joining Toastmasters over 10 years ago, and having served in various leadership roles, I look forward to continue to serve District 84 .

Candidate for Division F Director

John Lasch
John Lasch - In life it is rare to have a second chance to learn from the most challenging year of Toastmasters, but I have the opportunity. I would like to be the Division F Director for the 2021-2022 educational year. With the experiences that I have learned from the previous year, and the opportunity I see for the division to grow, I feel I have the experience from an uncertain, but to leverage experience and apply to this year and expand the division to unmeasurable success and growth.

Candidate for Division G Director

Norma Cress
Norma Cress - I would like to serve as the Division G Director because I would like to assist the district not only in growing clubs but in achieving distinguished status and assist our members in achieving their Toastmasters goals. I feel I am the best candidate for Division G Director because I have the members, clubs, areas, division and district’s best interest in my heart. I have the time needed to dedicate to the work, I am willing to do it AND I have fun doing it.

Candidate for Division H Director

Felicia Shorter
Felicia Shorter- Growth is one of the foundations of Toastmasters and I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve as a Division Director so that I can grow in my leadership skills while helping others reach their goals.  I am ready to be counted among the success stories of the future.

Candidate for Division I Director

Bob Fischer
Bob Fischer - Experience is what gets you in the door but it’s what you learn while there that makes a difference. I’ve learned I have much to learn still while serving this District and it’s that opportunity to to serve our members that keeps me in leadership in D84. I ask for your vote this May so that I may serve our members to help those new and experienced achieve their goals.
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