Attentions DEC members, Club Presidents and Club VPEs
The D84 Nominating Committee presents the following candidates for District Office:
District Director
Debi Jo Londono
Program Quality Director
Paula Summa
Club Growth Director
Club Growth Director
Fred Bergeron
Vickie Goodman
Division A Director
Amanda Howard
Division B Director
Ruby Scotland
Division C Director
Division C Director
Kara Newcomb
Orn Templeman
Division D Director
Sandesh Telang
Division E Director
Donald Kahrer
Division F Director
John Lasch
Division G Director
Norma Cress
Division H Director
Felicia Shorter
Division I Director
Bob Fischer
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"Tis the Season", and as so it is also the "season" for the dreaded EMAIL SCAMS! District Director Pim reminds us to be sure we know who is sending the email and that the return address is trusted before we click a link or hit reply. Be safe, and have a joyous year!
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