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Congratulations to our Newest District Officers

District Director - Pim Parpart
Program Quality Director - Debi Jo Lodono
Club Growth Director - Paula Summa

Division A Director - Sunil Kumar Ancha
Division B Director - Tina Smith
Division C Director - Claudia Atkins- Martin
Division D Director - Bob Fischer
Division E Director - Edith Tiencken
Division F Director - John Lasch
Division G Director - Nancy Wilkins
Division H Director - Bobby Blackmon
Division I Director - Gail Hill Smith

Immed. Past District Director - Beth Ramsay
Public Relations Manager - Fred Bergeron
Administrative Manager - Marjane Taylor
Finance Manager - Koki Kubo
Logistic Manager - Francisco Campos
Audit Chair - Thomas Blake
Proxy & Credential Chair - Dennis Wooldridge
DLC Chair - Beth Ramsay
Newsletter Editor - Andy Seepaul
AV Chair - Lynn Ramsey

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