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Nancy Hoehn, DTM DD


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And…we’re off!  Another exciting year for Toastmasters International District 84 has just begun and it’s truly an honor to ride along with such a spirited team of thoroughbreds!  “Run for the Roses!” was chosen as our theme this term, as it exemplifies action, style and achievement. Furthermore it embraces intense training, teamwork, overcoming hurdles and pushing our own limits.  Along the way, you’ll have many chances to stray from your own corral to make some wonderful new friendships.

Who knows? This may be your year to not only earn a Triple Crown educational pin, but to win the Triple Crown of Area, Division and District contests.  Whatever the case, be assured that Program Quality Director, Bob Fischer is rounding up spectacular conferences and enlightening training sessions, while Club Growth Director, Mike McLean, is developing plans for a stampede of membership for your clubs.  Your Division and Area Directors are chomping at the bit to provide you their support wherever it is needed.

 So, saddle up, ya’all and grab the reins. Prepare for a lot of fun and I’ll see you in the Winners Circle!


Nancy Hoehn, DTM

District 84 Director



Bob Fischer, DTM PQD


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The decision to enter leadership was not an easy one. There are lots of factors involved and not all of them can be explained as it’s a very dynamic commitment. In fact my first year as Club Growth Director. I was known to say “Another Thing They Didn’t Tell Me About.” It was a great learning experience and not only did I learn a lot, we also had a SUCCESSFUL year and we finished better then DISTINGUISHED.


I spent this year not only learning the current role but taking notes and preparing for the next one. I find myself better prepared and totally excited for this year as your Program Quality Director. We have a lot of exciting things around the turn for District 84. In my career as a medical professional I have been an educator for over 20 years and feel that I can bring that experience to District 84 as we all step up to the gate and prepare for post time.


This year District 84 will “Run for the Roses” and keep its eyes on the FINISH LINE. Focusing on our Member’s educational and leadership goals. Providing great educational opportunities at our many sessions with a mind to respect the time our members give to Toastmasters and make sure that we try to provide what they expect from our organization.


This year will be one of change as new programs are rolled out from Toastmasters to enhance our experience and I am looking forward to exploring them with our MEMBERSHIP as we race to the



Mike McLean, DTM CGD


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Isn't Toastmasters a wonderful organization? Can you think of the time before you earned your Competent Communicator award or before you earned one of your leadership awards? I’ll bet that as you look back and reflect you can recognize your greater self confidence and personal growth. For some of you reading this you are still in that “time before,” experiencing your growth, leaning, and having fun.


I, personally, have watched tentative introverts grow to become confident speakers. I have watched people develop the confidence to trust in their own voice and become leaders. Some even on our District leadership team ready to support, serve, and lead your Clubs, Areas, and Divisions. The Toastmasters program absolutely can and does change people’s lives.


But you know the one thing better than celebrating the past growth and success? Helping the next set of individuals develop greater self confidence and grow, and that means growing our clubs and our district. We can’t saddle up, Run for the Roses, and race to the winner’s circle without the stampede of membership that Nancy mentioned. I look forward to helping your clubs experience growth and to helping find locations where we can build new clubs—bringing the Toastmasters experience to even more individuals.


Together, let’s have a fun year!

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