Club Ambassador Program


Cindy Abeel, CC - Club Ambassador Chair


Expand your Toastmasters experience by participating in the District 84 Club Ambassador Program (CAP). We're encouraging you to take a step outside of your club and to visit at least three clubs you're not a member of. You have a lot to offer clubs when you visit and also have much to gain and bring back to your home clubs!


Get started by downloading a CLUB AMBASSADOR FORM (pdf), and email your completed forms to me at this link

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What will YOU gain?

 - New Ideas to bring back to your own club to keep the excitement strong

 - New Opportunities to participate as a speaker or other meeting functionary

 - New Friends!  Why wait for an Area or Division contest to meet new people?

 - New Experiences which will help you get the most out of Toastmasters!


What will YOU earn?‚Äč
G. Thomas Spencer, ACS
2014 Club Ambassador of the Year

 - When you turn in your third

 completed CAP form, you will receive the following:

the Designation of being an Official District 84 Club Ambassador and Recognition at the District Conferences,

a Club Ambassador pin for you to wear at your club meetings and future ambassador visits, and

the opportunity to go for one of this year's Club Ambassador of the Year Awards (details below).


How to Complete a Club Ambassador visit

 - Find a club that you'd like to visit that fits your schedule -- the club does not have to be in your area, your division, or even District 84! The only restriction is that the club cannot be one that you are a member of or are the area/division governor of; i.e. to become a club ambassador, area and division governors will have to visit (and complete/submit forms for) three clubs outside of their area and division respectively.

 - Contact the club to verify meeting date/time/location, and ask to be put on the agenda if you'd like to speak/can perform a meeting role. (or you can just show up)

 - Print out the 2014-2015 CLUB AMBASSADOR FORM, Fill out the top portion (your name, email address, home club), and bring the form with you on your visit.

 - At the meeting: observe, participate, take notes, then have the visited club's VPE (or other officer) sign the form.

 - Submit your completed form to the Club Ambassador Chair via mail, email, or fax. Note: credit will not be awarded for multiple visits to the same club.

 - When the form is received/processed, you will get an email receipt with your visit's information, which you may want to share with your home club or VPE. As soon as THREE completed forms are received, you will be noted as a District 84 Club Ambassador!


District 84 Club Ambassador Program was developed by Scott Hoehn, DTM PDG


Note: All Club Ambassadors will be recognized at the Spring District Conference in front of their peers unless prefer to receive their Ambassador pin ASAP. In that case the Club Ambassador needs to make a request when sending in the forms. The Area Governor will receive the pin/certificate at DEC (happens every other month) and deliver the pin/certificate to the club when he/she visits and/or at his/her convenience.


Note: If you submitted a completed CAP form via fax and did not receive an email within a few days confirming that it has been processed, please recheck the fax number used [should be 636-222-9460] then feel free to send me an email. Thanks!